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>>> the mount washington attack, a man assaulted and robbed minutes after he gets off a light rail train. >> wjz has the latest on the investigation and concerns over safety. >>> hello everyone i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. >> here is what people are talking about today, is the men behind the attack are still on the lose. >> reporter: the victim had just gotten off the light rail and was walking on washington avenue. the suspects had actually fled over the kelly avenue bridge toward north fall. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene minutes after the brazen attack happened last night. our cameras later captured transit police patrolling the area. city police tell wjz the victim was robbed and assaulted by two juveniles who fled the scene, the mta declining to comment saying this did not happen on his property. but in regular riders are concerned. >> it's usually a pretty safe area. this is why i picked the mount washington area, i'm an implant from the d.c. suburbs. >> it's a shame that somebody can be hurt while they are just trying to go either to work or to go home
to the american people and i don't think they want either is for washington to continue to be so washington- like. i know folks when we are in town spend a lot of time reading the polls and looking at focus groups and looking at who has the upper hand, that's they're obsession, i'm just a president, so take it for what it is worth but i don't believe the american people want us to focus on our job security, they want us to focus on their job security. >> president obama there trying to cut through some of the very thick partisanship that is always found in washington. he has come to baltimore, sort of neutral ground in a hostile audience but you hear some applause. he's wrapping up his formal comments to lawmakers and then they will enter into a question and answer session and get down to business at that point. again some of the key points that president obama wants to hammer out is jobs an unemployment, he was at chesapeake machine before this stop unveiling a huge tax credit benefit for small businesses. they get a $5,000 tax credit for every worker they put on the payroll. we'll see what is
to >>> a federal investigation is underway this noon after two washington, d.c. metro workers were struck and killed on the tracks this morning. this it is latest of a string on fatalities in the washington area transit system. ron is live in the news room to explain. >> reporter: the men were installing safety equipment on the red line when they were hit this morning. one worker dies from the scene a few blocks from the metro station. the other died on the way to the hospital. employees were killed while trying to fix the automatic train control system. that system's failure may have contributed to a separate crash that killed nine people in june of 2009. national transportation safety board has launched on investigation into this latest accident. back to you. >> thank you. >>> this morning's accident disrupted service for many maryland commuter. red line was shut down between shady grove and twin brooks station while the crash was investigated a new federal law is on the books and the road. drivers of commercial vehicles may no longer text behind the wheel. while that may s
. >>> a johns hopkins university graduate dies after the car plunges into a frozen creek near washington, d.c. a jogger called police after spotting a tire sticking out of rock creek. police say 22-year-old joshua coleman was trapped inside the car. he graduated from johns hopkins last year and investigators are now trying to piece together what happened. >> anything that we find on the scene as far as skid marks or broken tees and that type of thing is going to be part of the investigation. right now we have not determined where the vehicle came. >> it took several hours and three different tow trucks to pull the badly damaged car out of the ice. >>> maryland transit authority police are seek witnesses to the death of a pedestrian who was found dead along the northbound lanes of the harbor tunnel throughway. police have identified him as 23-year-old christian of baltimore city. they ask anyone with information on the death to give them a call. >>> as maryland's unemployment rate climbs, state leaders are set to begin debating salary increases. governor o'malley and general assembly will di
he won't stand trial, the victims say. >>> the washington wizards lost their first game without arensas last night as he began serving suspension. the final straw may have come before tuesday night's game in philadelphia when he was photographed making his fingers as if they were guns. they did not find that funny and suspended arensas indefinitely without pay. arensas will reportedly lose $100,000 for every game he misses. >>> the city of baltimore is of course gearing up for sunday's show down with the patriots as it approaches. right now the team is going through final preparations. ravens fans are fired up about sunday's kickoff. it is a bit of a different story up in boston though. >> look at how we've been playing. awesome. >> cincinnati. >> try again. >> oh my god. i just watched it with my husband. >> i can't name another team. >> the ravens rode to the super bowl in new england of course. you can see that game exclusively right here wjz 13. our live coverage kicks off sunday afternoon at 1:00. >>> still to come on eyewitness news, another plane in miami is grounded befo
parties are mobilizing for a power struggle. in washington, joel brown, wjz, eyewitness nuts. >> we have learned maryland democrat blumenthal will announce ace intention to run. >>> the westbound loop near the kes guard yard will remain closed until february so crews can replace the axle of the bruj. commuters are told to take alternate routes. >>> potential buyers looking to purchase pimlico track will have to wait until january 31st. the track's current owner, magin a interstatement will submit bids to the state. >>> the ravens have one thing on their mind, getting the patriots quarterback tom brady. >> there's a strike zone that they talk about a and a two-step rule, our guys are just going to try to get to him and sack him. >> it's been reported that brady has been playing in the past few weeks with several bren ribs but the ravens will have to be careful. the ravens get their chance at revenge when they travel to feng to take on the patriots this -- new england to take on the patriots. >> we will be watching. >>> still to come, eyewitness news at noon, white house party crasher, the
. the charge was filed yesterday and appears the washington wizard all-star reached a plea deal with prosecutors. he admitted to storing 4 unloaded guns in his locker at the arena. >>> a third grader from new jersey finds himself stuck on the tsa terrorist list. he gets the up close and personal treatment every time he flies. he was flagged when he was a baby. the attorney has hired an attorney to get him off of the list with no success. >> still ahead, looking live outside, stay tuned, marty bass will be back with the first warning weather forecast. >>> let's look at the day's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> using our combined years of technology in high school and college, we think we determined that preston is a guy. >> we think. >> preston also would like to find a treat and practice standing on one leg. either way, it's just a lab mix, a beautiful dog, happy, great personality. preston is 8 weeks old and needs a home. have you tried one of these in new systems? pretty yellow scarf, compliments of the puppy sponsor mr. basement believes that together we can make a
of that, we have a winter weather advisory. we have a winter storm watch in effect from washington county up west. the rest of us are still going to see potentially some accumulating sleet, ice potentially and some wet snow out of this system. so, it is going to be moving in here very late tonight when the temperatures are at their coldest. currently 39 degrees. 25 the dew point. relative humidity at 66%. east wind 10 miles an hour. the barometer rising. temperatures ranging from 28 in oakland to about 40 and 42 in elkton and ocean city representatively. around the metro area, 37 westminster, 39 columbia and 41 in rock hall. winds coming in from the east will be bringing in a little bit of moisture. going to help cut some of the dry air as it is coming in off the bay and off the ocean. but again, these winds are going to reflect the bit of a spin here. likely pick up as we get into the evening and overnight hours. and then into tomorrow. all this is moving across the tennessee valley making its way in here, we will see more and more rain by midnight tonight. we will start to see potential
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8